Jan 20 2010

Tetris on Mars?

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Henk B. Rogers

I had the pleasure to hear Henk B. Rogers speak at the November 2009 Annual Association of Fundraising Professionals Meeting. Among his accomplishments, Henk heads the Blue Planet Foundation which is dedicated to change our world’s energy culture. Their mission is to adopt programs to implement clean, efficient and renewable energies.

Henk was born in Holland and moved to the United States at six years of age. He told the audience that he learned English from watching Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons. Henk also lived and worked in Japan for many years and eventually introduced the video game Tetris to the world. He made his millions, sold his company and had a heart attack during a golf lesson at the Waialae Country Club. Henk shared that on the operating table; he asked himself “what have I actually done in my life?” By most accounts he was a huge success, but he realized that he was not ready to go. He re-dedicated his life to contribute to humankind. Henk discovered his new four missions in his renewed life: 1)  Reduce Carbon Based Fuel 2)  End War 3)  Investigate Mars as a “back up” for Earth 4)  Try to determine when the universe will end.

Henk added that the number 4 mission is the most important, because if the world ends Thursday all the other missions don’t matter and he will go to the beach and surf. In closing, Henk encouraged the audience to identify their own personal mission in life and to write two obituaries. One obit for how our life really is now if we were to die tomorrow. And one obit for how we would freely dream our life to be. (Photo: Blue Planet Foundation).


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