Feb 15 2010

America vs The Americas

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Center of the World?

Center of the Universe?

What does the term “American” really mean? I have heard of American Pie, American Express and American Airlines but really what is an American? At nineteen I went to school in the Caribbean and it was explained to me by a Panamanian and Venezuelan that geographically there is not one America – but three Americas. There is North America comprised of Canada, USA and Mexico. Central America starting with Guatemala and Belize on through Panama and South America which covers everything between Venezuela to Argentina.

It was illustrated to me that we need to consider there are other Americas.

I wonder if this related to the view that the United States as a peoples host an attitude that we are the center of the universe. Is this related to the fact that most US citizens don’t have a passport and will never explore outside their birth country? Is this related to the fact as a country, we do not emphasize becoming multi-lingual? Is this related to the fact that when Jay Leno does his “Jay Walking Skit” and stops people on the street, some cannot identify the United States on a map of the world?

I wonder if this is why, Canadians don’t seem to like the United States? Ever see Canadians travel? They have a Canadian flag on everything. When I was traveling with a British friend in Asia I asked him about it and he said, “Canadians don’t want anyone to think they are from the United States”!

So I ask you, while watching the current Olympic games, who are you cheering for Team USA or Team America? I will close with a little fun fact; the Olympic Rings logo created in 1912 represents the five continents of the world: Africa, America, Asia, Europe and Oceania.


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